Up Coming Events

There are two big events (or at least that’s what I think) happening over the next two weekends:

  • The IS Fun Night

The 12th of August is set for the annual Information Systems Department (IS) Fun Night. The fun night is a fundraiser event for the department’s Symposium in October. It lives up to it’s name as a fun filled night with laughter, dances, skits, lucky draws, games, and music. The entire department (mostly students from each year level – it’s a four year program) comes up with creative ideas each year to keep the audience entertained till the night draws to an end. I’m in my final year and I can’t wait to see what they’ve got planned this time around.

  • Culture Show

With over 800 languages spoken in Papua New Guinea the culture is just as diverse. The event is hosted by Divine Word University. It features cultural groups from the 22 provinces across the country. There will be a riot of colors, unique traditional attires, kundus & garamuts, music, food stalls, local crafts, face painting and more. The show wasn’t hosted last year so hopefully this year will be a blast.

As psyched as I am, I still have a lot of school work to get through but August is shaping up to be a good month so all should be fine. I might as well go watch the fun night practices tomorrow.


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